PRGF-Endoret®: miraculous proteins in our blood

Our blood contains proteins to heal and regenerate quickly the body. The microinjections of these proteins in the mouth, face or hair allow natural and sustainable regeneration of these ones.
PRGF Endoret®is scientifically the most advanced PRP in the world. It is used by top athletes such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as TV stars like Kim Kardarshian.

Tanger Dental Center is the only dental clinic in Morocco offering this technology.
Tanger Dental Center collaborates with plastic surgeons and dermatologists for skin and hair treatments.




TMJ Disorders: migraine


Guarantees for the patient

  • 100% natural

  • Tested by Harvard University

  • 1 million patients worldwide

  • 0 rejection indicated

  • 20 years of research

  • 42 international certifications

Technology of athletes and stars


3D glasses

The immersive quality of 3D glasses will immediately reduce patient anxiety and create a pleasant experience. Studies have shown that this type of distraction can be used to reduce the amount of medication needed during treatment.

Dental laser

With the power of laser light, Tanger Dental Center offers advanced treatments, with no pain, bleeding or swelling.

Painless Mesotherapy

The use of medical mesogun allows microinjections of PRGF-Endoret® or hyaluronic acid to be more efficient and painless.


Piezosurgery is an advanced technique that enables extreme precision and faster healing.

Electronic anesthesia

Electronic anesthesia allows
easy and painless anesthesia.


Magnifying dental loupes

Dental loupes allow dentists to see your teeth 5 times bigger. Therefore, patients can expect a more complete dental exam and better care.

3D diagnosis

3D mouth diagnosis allows very accurate and painless placement of dental implants.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a new technique of computer simulation. The patient is able to see and choose the shape and color of his/her teeth before starting treatment (orthodontics, implants, veneers, etc.).


The phenomenon of sleep apnea is manifested by involuntary pauses during breathing at night. Your sleep may be disturbed without you noticing it! There are very light devices that you wear all night at home to establish an accurate diagnosis of apnea. They avoid spending a night at the hospital in comparison with conventional devices. You will have detailed statistics on the number of apneas, the moment you do not breathe, the level of your snoring and oxygen, heartbeat and even your positions overnight.

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