TANGER DENTAL CENTER Welcome to the Tangier Dental Center!

Tanger Dental Center is a multidisciplinary center for dentistry and regenerative medicine. We are the only medical center in Morocco using PRGF-Endoret® technology.
The miraculous proteins in our blood are applied in different medical specialties such as dental implants and facial aesthetics…This technology is used by top athletes such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And TV stars like Kim Kardashian. Our treatment room is equipped with such advanced technologies, and those painless treatments become a reality.

"Cuando me di cuenta de que podía convertirme en arquitecto de sonrisas y diseñador de sonrisas, fue cuando encontré mi camino".
Dr.Alaa K

Tanger Dental Center organizes dental treatments and holidays for tourists in the beautiful north of Morocco. The cost of dental care can be 30-50 % and cheaper compared to Europe.


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