Dentists area!

Tanger Dental Center offers individual and group training. Our mentors are internationally renowned experts, we will allow you to develop new techniques in modern dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

  • Guided Bone Regeneration: made easy
  •  Sinus lift in 5 minutes: risk 0
  • Orthodontic Acceleration: Piezocision
  • Motorized ridge splitting: maximum safety
  • PRF / PRGF-Endoret: miraculous proteins in the blood
  • Partial extraction technique: a new concept in advanced surgery
  •  Bone grafts: myth or reality?
  • Osseodensification: a new technique for GBR
  • Immediate implant placement: Keys to its success
  • Complex total rehabilitations: Simplicity of execution
  • Regenerative medicine: a new era for modern dentistry
  • PRF / PRGF: Comparison of the best PRPs in the world
  • Different applications: implantology, alveolar preservation, sinus lift, bone grafting, treatment of osteoradionecrosis …
  • Management of surgical complications: the need for growth factors
  • Mini-screw placement: creative treatments
  • Fiberotomy and micro-perforations: speed up your orthodontics
  • Impacted Canine: easy problem
  • Class 3: new non-surgical protocol
  • Molar intrusion: the best approach
  • Cephalometric analysis: a new diagnostic system.
  • Oral anatomy: preventing risks
  • Cone Beam: Deep Analysis
  • BTI implant system: a revolution
  • BTI scan: highly sophisticated planning software
  • Short implants: the smart choice
  • Narrow implants: an innovative solution
  • Transitional implants: a new concept
  • Guaranteed Immediate implant placement
  • Complex implant rehabilitation: Scientific planning
  • Implant prosthesis: what to choose?
  • Peri-implantitis: prevention and treatment

• Microsurgical periodontics: maximum results
• Suture techniques: advanced techniques
• Gum graft: Zucchelli technique
• Periodontal regeneration: new technology
Orthodontics Periodontology: optimal combination
• Periodontal Diagnosis: latest scientific updates
• Lip repositioning: no maxillofacial surgery needed

Dental laser-perfect-health-teeth-smile-young-woman-teeth-whitening with laser technology- tanger dental center
  • Canker sores: The best treatment
  • TMJ: Miraculous Solution
  • LLLT: different uses
  • Bleeding: laser hemostasis
  • Lisp: Laser and lingual frenulum
  • Vertiprep: The technique to adopt in Prosthodontics
  • Dental veneers: Emax or Zirconia, which one to choose?
  • Monolithic Zirconia: a winning strategy
  • Periodontally compromised teeth: How to manage?
  • Vertical Dimension of Occlusion: A Concept to be mastered
  • ATM: Always think about it
  •  Plasma: Injections to have in your armamentarium